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​Available on rolls or folded covers.  Grommets, hems and other fabrication are available on request.  Call for sizes,  price or a distributor near you.
Typar Turf Blankets
Typar 3201, 1.9 oz/sy
Ideal for over-wintering, germination and late/early season daily covers for golf greens, sports fields and turf applications.  Helps promote stronger root penetration
AG09, .9 oz/sy Pointbond

Keeps heat in, bugs out and is a good windbreak for transplants.  Transmits 70% sunlight and does not block rain.  Provides frost protection down to 28 degrees.

Typar Crop Covers
Typar T518, 1.25 oz/sy
Provides season extension in spring and fall.  Gives increased air temp of 5 to 6 degrees and increases growth with a daily temp increment over a period of several weeks.  
AG06, .6 oz/sy Pointbond
General use lightweight floating row cover that transmits 70% sunlight.  Durable enough for multiple uses in one season or several years with care.  Increases air temp 3 to 4 degrees at night, up to 10 degrees during day.  Protects against insects when edges are buried.  Good for organic gardening.

AG125, 1.25 oz/sy Pointbond
Good for extending growing season into early spring and late fall.  Transmits 60% sunlight and does not block rain.  Provides frost protection down to 24 degrees.  May need hoops for support.