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Typar Turf Blankets
The 1.9 oz. blankets are ideal for various grass protection and weather situations.  
Warm Weather Grasses-
Typar blankets are adequate for frost and wind protection, and are more economical than the all winter blankets.  Covers are put down in anticipation of cold fronts and removed when the danger has passed.  This allows continuous play through the winter while protecting the turf at critical times.
Turf managers who formerly relied on straw, nutrition programs, cultivars and reseeding for turf maintenance, now depend on Typar Turf Blankets for early green-ups and frost protection.

Typar Blankets can be cut to any shape without fraying, are easy to install and can be removed efficiently by a few people.  Blankets are held down at multiple points by sod staples, which either pass through grommets or through the material itself.

Cold Weather Grasses-
Adequate cold and wind protection.  This turf blanket option provides the same protection for germination and green up as the 3.0 oz. cover in warmer climates. 
All Turfgrasses-
The porous blankets allow sunlight to penetrate the cover and warm the soil underneath.  Moisture is also trapped under the blanket to prevent crusting and to speed germination and root growth.  The overall effect is referred to as the "Greenhouse" effect.